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Greenwood Village Family Medicine serves individuals and families in South Denver, Colorado, with comprehensive primary care and wellness services. To give patients a personalized experience with exceptional treatment outcomes, Dr. Donch focuses on providing one-on-one care and offering patients the knowledge, skills, and time necessary to manage their health through a concierge/direct care practice model. 

Dr. Donch encourages patients to prioritize preventive care to lower their risk for numerous long-term health conditions. Individualized health coaching helps patients work toward specific wellness goals with unique and effective strategies like nutrition, conditioning, and unique therapies such as forest medicine.

Patients at Greenwood Village Family Medicine routinely visit the practice for many essential health and wellness services, including men and women’s health exams, weight loss counseling, medical aesthetics such as skin care and hair growth treatment and lifestyle advice. Dr. Donch makes an effort to minimize medications wherever possible through lifestyle changes and other non-pharmaceutical options. 

Greenwood Village Family Medicine makes health care as accessible as possible with remote visits via email, video call, or phone call when an office visit isn’t possible or necessary. These services improve patient compliance and help them get the support they need when they need it most.

Greenwood Village Family Medicine currently welcomes new concierge patients and returning visitors to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. Schedule by phone or online today.

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