Additional Services

We offer comprehensive primary care for the entire family and the following additional services:

Comprehensive, collaborative medical care

We work with you to solve your medical problems as a team. We value your expertise on “you”.

Health goal planning and monitoring

Our primary focus is to be an active participant in helping you get and stay healthy. We help you set health goals and help keep you accountable so you can actually achieve them

Heart, Food Allergy and Genetic Testing

EKG’s, allergy blood testing and treatment, genetic testing for cancer risk all available

Women’s Health

Gynecologic care including pap smears, colposcopies and IUD placement and removal

Skin Procedures

Skin biopsies, cryotherapy for warts, lesion excisions, toenail removals, and laceration repairs

Medical Aesthetics

We are offering Latisse for enhanced eyelash growth, Sensi-Peel to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin and neuromodulators to diminish frown lines and forehead creases.

Hormone Education and Management

Education and management of hormone replacement therapy and thyroid imbalance with a focus on providing the patient with an understanding of how hormones and hormone replacement works in the body.

Remote Visits

Remote visits via email, Skype and phone when medically appropriate

Botox treatment for chronic migraines

We offer botox treatment for chronic migraines that are refractory to medical management.