How does the health management program work?

Dr. Donch has implemented a health management program in her office which enables her to spend the time to focus on each individual patient’s care as a partner for all health and wellness needs. Patients who wish to continue care with Dr. Donch will purchase the active health management program. These services that are not covered by your current insurance. You will not have additional charges for any of the services Dr. Donch provides. You should still maintain insurance for hospital coverage in the event of an accident or major illness.

What is included in the program?

The program includes:

  • An annual comprehensive health evaluation tailored to and focusing on your lifestyle, habits and personal strengths in order to identify your goals for personal health and optimal wellness.
  • We will start with an individualized lifestyle analysis that identifies those areas in your day-to-day life where there are opportunities for changes that will positively impact your physical and mental health. We will then develop a health plan going forward for the year to help you achieve your personal health goals, strategizing on how you can accomplish those goals with a focus on lifestyle changes. During the year we will evaluate your progress and make adjustments to your plan as needed to help you reach your goals.
  • Same day/next day appointments with minimal waiting.
  • Extended face-to-face doctor interaction with us at your preferred times whenever possible.
  • 24 hour access to Dr. Donch via telephone, email and/or video to allow you to address your health care issues when you don’t have the time or ability to come to the office for evaluation. Through these communication methods you will have access to care anywhere where computer access or telephone services are available. To the extent that we can assess your condition without a face-to-face visit without compromising your care we may do so should you prefer this.
  • Access to a secure patient portal for lab results and communications.
  • Access to a personalized weight loss program tailored for you. We will set a reasonable goal periodically and help you attain that goal while monitoring your progress throughout the year to keep you on track. We may utilize outside resources and in-house supplements or medications to assist you in attaining your weight loss goal when warranted.
  • A full array of vaccinations that are recommended to prevent communicable diseases that could interfere with your health and quality of life will be available at the office with no additional injection fees.
  • Healthcare navigation and assistance for coordination of care with specialists and hospitals.
  • Discounts on labs and other community wellness services.
  • Advanced testing will be available to assess for risk factors for heart and lung disease
  • Pharmacogenomic testing to ensure the medications you are taking are right for you.
  • When and if you are hospitalized, Dr. Donch will serve as your liaison with hospitalists and specialists to help you understand the care you are receiving in the hospital and to answer your and your family members’ questions about your care. This communication will be done through phone calls and/or face-to-face visits depending on the circumstances.

What insurance do we accept?

Greenwood Village Family Medicine will continue to participate in most major insurance plans and in Medicare so that we may be your referring provider. Your membership is not a substitute for insurance. You will still need your insurance for things such as your labs, prescriptions, hospital care and any other medical providers you see.

Does the program fee work with my HSA/FSA? Is the program fee tax deductible?

Most patients are able to use their HSA accounts for the program fees. Check with your individual provider, benefits broker and accountant or tax advisor on this and on whether you may use your FSA funds for this. You are purchasing medical services that are not covered by your insurance plan. We will provide you with any necessary documentation to help you demonstrate this to your employer or provider.

Will the pricing change?

It is highly unlikely the pricing will change over the next two years. Our pricing is set to enable us to have the necessary time to spend with our patients while trying to be as affordable as possible to as many patients as possible.

What are the program fees?

The program fees may be paid on an installment basis of $95.00 per month with an initial $95.00 enrollment feel per person, $175.00 per month for a couple or a family with two children. If you decide to pay the entire fee at once of $1140.00 for an individual, the enrollment fee is waived.