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Remote Visits services offered in Denver, CO

A remote visit keeps you in confidential contact with your provider no matter where you are, whether you’re at home sick in bed or away from home on vacation. Dr. Donch offers remote visits with phone calls, video calls, and emails from Greenwood Village Family Medicine in Denver, Colorado. To schedule a remote visit or follow-up, call Greenwood Village Family Medicine or book online today.

What are remote visits?

Remote visits are a key part of telemedicine, which allows you to stay in contact with your physician without seeing them in person. This means you can attend a visit from anywhere, including your home, workplace, or even on vacation. 

There are many reasons to consider booking a remote visit instead of an office visit at Greenwood Village Family Medicine. While you can’t undergo certain medical tests or treatments from afar, you can use remote visits to follow up on treatment or test results, manage your medications, or receive medical advice. 


How do I access a remote visit?

Greenwood Village Family Medicine makes remote visits as accessible as possible with three different options for communication:



You can communicate with your provider from anywhere over email, with private, detailed messages delivered in an instant. Your provider replies promptly with all the information you need, including any relevant test results. 


Video calls

If you have the means, you can attend a remote visit with a video call using Skype® or a comparable service.



Much of our communications with patients occurs via texting. This is for the convenience of the patient and can often resolve an issue simply on your own time schedule. 


Phone calls

When the video aspect isn’t necessary or isn’t practical, a phone call appointment will suffice. You can use your regular phone service to talk to Dr. Donch wherever you are. 


What are the benefits of remote visits?

While not every doctor’s appointment can or should be remote, remote visits help you avoid missed appointments and stay on track with thorough medical care and follow-ups.

There are many benefits of adding remote visits to your medical care plan at Greenwood Village Family Medicine, including:

  • No waiting rooms
  • Fewer delays in your medical care
  • Less time and costs for transportation
  • No chance of spreading or catching an infection in the office
  • More comfortable appointments

Remote visits make primary care, preventive care, and chronic disease management more convenient than ever at Greenwood Village Family Medicine. 

Call Greenwood Village Family Medicine or book an appointment online for a remote visit in the format of your choice today.