Hair Regrowth and Treatment of Alopecia

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Are you losing your hair? It is no longer inevitable that you will go bald. Dr. Donch offers the latest medical treatment for preventing and treating hair loss. New medication regimens offer patients hope for receding hairlines and alopecia. 

Treating alopecia

What is alopecia?

Alopecia refers to loss of body hair. We use the phrace most commonly when discussing hair loss on the scalp. Men often develop alopecia due to the effects of testosterone on the hair follicles. Women can develop this type of alopecia, called androgenic alopecia, also to a lesser degree.

We now have an effective medication to treat alopecia in a meaningful way. The treatment does require a doctor's supervision but is safe and with few side effects. Whether you have the androgenic type or one of the other forms of alopecia this medical treatment will likely help you preserve your hair and stimulate new growth.

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